LA SOURCE D'EDESSE - Flatcoated Retrievers      






born January 14th, 1971, 2 children
Sales represantative Hagen France

It is into 1989 that all started with the purchase of my first Retriever: Edesse de la Fontaine aux Fleurs, a small black Labrador female. It is at the same time that I asked for my affix of which attribution was accepted on October 9 for 'la Source d'Edesse'.
Edesse made 2 litters in its life, in 1992 with Mardas Maritime Man and 1993 with Gladlab Chase Me Charly.

And then more nothing until 1995 when I discover Flat by buying Lady Black Cherry Lollipop. On this date, I decide to stop the breeding of Labrador to devote me to an extraordinary Breed : Flatcoated. Lolli brings much joy to me. It is a very soft female, very loving, very flat. So delighted by this bitch and this breed, I then decide to take again another female, always at the same breeder (Cecile Peyreton). And thus a half-sister of Lolli arrives at the home : Natty Black Beauty Girl.

Natty very quickly knew the world of the show and very quickly I understood that I had an exceptional female between the hands. It made its first Best of Breed in 15 month whereas it was only in young class. A few months later, it gained the CAC and Best of Breed to the Club Show of Retriever Club of France, the day of his 2 years, and again the next year.
And then for 6 months, another Flat lived at the home, it acts of the great champion Sundewshag of Glen Sheallag but following problems of vicinity, I had to separate me and today, it was born peaceful under the Greek sun. Thank you Marie-Noëlle Terlinden & Bernard Chauveau (kennel Glen Sheallag).